After each monthly billing, accounts that are significantly past due are suspended. We will gladly restore service upon receipt of payment, or arrangements for a repayment schedule. For the quickest handling call 561-392-3901. All appropriate reinstatements will be handled within one business day. Persistent past due balances will be submitted to an international collection agency and pursued vigorously. The information offered here describes our most current custom billing system.

When are invoices sent out?

Statements are automatically generated, in batches, during the first ten days of each calendar month. This schedule is being followed rigorously. The statement includes charges for the current month, as well as upcoming months for billing periods of 3 months or longer, and will also include disk or bandwidth overcharges for the previous month, if any.

Where is my invoice sent?

Statements are sent by e-mail to the e-mail addresses listed for each customer's billing ID.

Can I receive a postal copy of my invoices?

Postal invoices are exactly identical to the e-mail invoices. However, we do offer postal copies as an option, for the charge of $2 each month. If you are flagged to receive postal copies of your invoices, they are mailed out within three business days after they are generated.

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