Web Site Development

We provide professional, custom, clean, and easily navigated sites tailored to the likes of our clients. We have developed a process that has been very successful in satisfying our clients.

First we visit the clients business and assess the necessities of their business on the Internet and in their office. We collect any necessary logos, pictures, artwork and/or text available from the client. We submit to all the major search engines, and confer with our clients to create unique descriptions, title, and keywords for the proper submission. We sketch and/or discuss the type of layout the client prefers.

Look and feel:
We prepare a picture of the site's look and feel via Internet for the clients to approve before we proceed to the developmental level.

Upon completion of the development. We undergo various test runs, depending of course, on the type of solution. This includes functionality, multiple location tests for system and configuration requirements, loading testing, stress testing, and integrating.

Client launching:
We provide a private launching for a client's approval. We make any necessary adjustments and promptly prepare the formal launch.

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