All I. Q. will hand submit your site to all the major search engines such as: Alltheweb, Altavista, AOL,, Direct Hit, Dogpile (unpaid listing only), Excite, Google, Iwon, Hotbot, Looksmart, Lycos, (unpaid listing only), MSN, Netscape, Northernlight, Overture (unpaid listing only), and Yahoo. We also submit to hundreds of other smaller engines. However we optimize your site for the major search engines because they generate over 90% of all search engine traffic.
What is important to us here at All I. Q. is Return on Investment, or ROI for our clients. Unlike most website design and promotion companies we care about our clients pocket book. We take pride and find great pleasure in seeing our clients succeed.

What you get? After extensive key phrase research, doorway page creation and optimization, All I. Q. will hand submit your site to the main search engines as follows: Inktomi, Yahoo, and Looksmart. These submission fees range from annual to biannual to even pay per click. We suggest paying these hand submissions because it can take six months to a year to be listed for free. That is a lot of lost business.

A “doorway” page is, in essence, any page that is optimized to rank well on a search engine. These “doorway” pages acts as alternate entrances to your site tailored to rank well on search engines, and for a particular key phrase.

The search engines will find these doorway pages thus generating traffic to your site. Without optimization and submission most search engines will not find your site.

In summary, a "doorway" page can be any page: Your home page, product information page, or a page introducing your website.

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