Web Hosting

At All I. Q., Inc., our relationship with our clients continues long after the web site is launched. We will administer all the technical details associated with having your site hosted. All I. Q., Inc. offers hosting on a dedicated network for the Web hosting data center. All of the servers are connected to a collision-free, low-latency, fully switched local network, with multiple outgoing lines for redundant connectivity to the Internet. We offer operating six fiber-optic circuits (five DS-3's and one OC-3c), connected to five world-class network service providers (commonly referred to as "backbones"). We pursue a private data delivery philosophy in order to avoid the public exchanges as much as possible when routing our network traffic. This includes hand-tuning the route selection for every destination network on the global Internet, a process revisited periodically to ensure optimum routing, as well as relying on the standard fail over capabilities of BGP 4.

The custom routing configuration we offer provides:

Direct DS-3 and OC-3c connections to five national backbones: UUNet (OC-3c), Digex, Sprint, SAVVIS, Genuity (sixth provider on order for November; other OC-3c upgrades pending) Private data delivery, utilizing our backbone providers to avoid public exchanges, to hundreds of other backbones, regional networks, corporations, and ISPs around the world. Private data delivery via the fast-growing Pittsburgh Internet Exchange.

This allows more than 90% of the outgoing traffic to avoid the public exchanges entirely. We have less control, of course, over inbound paths chosen by other networks, but we believe that at present, at least 85% of the incoming traffic does not pass through public exchange.

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