Marketing Your Site!
(Advertising, optimizing and promoting your website)

Search is the most popular activity online second only to email. Optimizing and marketing your site is definitely worth the investment! On the Internet, there's no cheaper, more effective way to promote your site or business than using search engines. At All I.Q., Inc, we are amazed at how people overlook the potential there and simply let the "other guy" have the advertising. We have found that most other advertising is a big gamble on whether it will pay for itself. Search engines are a very inexpensive, ongoing service.
Since everyone coming from a search engine was searching for your specific product or service, they are highly targeted, and often highly motivated. These visitors will more often purchase your services over a person who may have clicked on a banner simply out of curiosity.

All I. Q. guarantees
you will achieve top 20 positions. With that said, when dealing with the search engines, no specific position, for a specific key phrase, can be absolutely guaranteed because of the many variables involved.
We utilize various methods to maximize your traffic, by selecting the most desirable key phrases. In essence we strive to achieve the optimal balance between the popularity of the search term and number of competing web pages.

In other words, some phrases are easier to rank well on than others. The best thing you can do is to find a "niche" phrase that is not extremely competitive, but people are frequently searching for. Put yourself in the shoes of the person out there looking for what you offer and figure out what they would key in to find a site like yours.

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