When are payments due?

Each invoice includes charges for subsequent months of service. A statement sent out in early November would include charges for November. If you are on six-month billing, for example, and you're paid through November 1st, then your bill in the first week of November will include six months of charges, through May 1st of the next year. Payment is due the 16 days after a statement is sent out.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept check, money order, and wire transfer (please notify us). In the case of checks and money orders, payment must be in US dollars, drawn on a US bank or branch. We prefer not to accept Canadian dollars or foreign checks;

if these items are in fact deposited, we will pass along any bank fees that apply for their processing (typically $20 plus any applicable exchange rate). Certain items drawn directly on foreign banks will have fees as high as $100 (this is not under our control), or will be not deposited entirely.

Where do I send my check?
All I.Q., Inc.

Please do not use any other address. Also, please do not send your InterNIC fees to us; we will not process or forward them.

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